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Because Summer almost over fall is on its wayis just around the corner

Do you use the same bleach with balayage as you do foil?

The different bleach has different consistency. I like a powdered lightener, when mixed it is creamy almost like yogurt rather than to dry or flakey. It allows me to leave the product on longer to give the amount of lift that is needed. Once the bleach is moist it will continue lifting if it dries out it stops lifting.

When I think of this technique, I think of beach effect, because that's how it's always described. Is it better to get balayage in the summer?

For first time clients and the client that highlights but is not a total blond... YES!! A few pieces along the hairline will make any woman feel like a million bucks. For the already highlighted (the blonde) client, it depends on what they desire.

The Summer is here!

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